How to use the service

Register for our service
Register for our service using your phone number
Fill out your profile
Specify the contact information and details of your organization
Upload scanned copies of invoices
In the section "Foreign VAT Refund", upload scans or photos of receipts from business trips that took place outside the Russian Federation.
Sign a contract for the provision of services
A pre-completed contract for the provision of services will be sent to the email address specified during registration. A company manager will contact you to clarify the data and provide consultation regarding a range of issues.
The system will check all receipts for the possibility of a VAT refund
The system will analyze all uploaded invoices and at the end of the current reporting period will display the statuses and the possibility of receiving a refund on uploaded receipts.
Send the original receipts by mail
Send us the originals of the uploaded receipts for which refunds are available.
If an original receipt has been lost or you are unable to send it to us, please inform our support service. Lost Invoices can be restored via a special order.
Get the refund sent to the company’s operating account.